Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday pictures

Some pictures to share with you all from around my house. This spinning wheel we got at an auction a few years back.

This black chimnet cabinet I got from ebay, I store my cd's, dvd's and candles in there. The sheep is the one I got at a yard sale during the summer.

This old soda crate hangs in my kitchen.

These shaker boxes also came from ebay. The UPS guy delivered these to the wrong house, same house number as mine but totally different town. They were missing for about a month before the guy realized they were on his back porch(he said he doesn't use that porch very often). He then took them to the post office in my town and I finally got them. I even had the UPS guy come to my house and tell me himself that he left them on my back steps..well my back steps are not big enough to hold the box that this came in. Hmmmm..just glad I got them.

I'm busy working on some samplers and as soon as I get them done I will share them with you.


Barb said...

Yay! More pictures!! Ooooo, you've got the greatest stuff, Debbi. Your spinning wheel is awesome. I love your stacking boxes. I'd be mad, too, if I didn't receive them. Can't wait to see your samplers:)

Debbi said...

Thanks, I didn't really want the spinning wheel at first, but dh decided to bid on it anyway and now I'm glad he did. lol