Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What do you think???

Ok everyone, I need your opinions...I do not have regular oven, we have a wall oven and a separate cook top..which would be fine if the cook top would be a normal size but it's not. So I am so jealous of all you ladies that can have noodle boards for your stove tops. But I thought I would try this little tray on the top of mine and see what it looks like. I am still trying to decide it I like it there or not???? So what do you all think..yes or no???
I can't wait for the day I can replace this cook top with a glass top one.

See the weird arrangement of the cook top??? I tried the tray on an angle but I did not like that. Should it stay or go???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My heart is broken

We had to put our dog Kasper to sleep last Monday, March 16 and I miss him so much. We took him to the vet on March 11th and we found out he had IMH, it's basically where his body was eating his red blood cells faster then what he could make them.
They put him on meds to try to stop it but they were not working, he was just slowly getting weaker and would not do anything but lay on the couch.
We then took him to an Emergency Vet on Sunday March 14th and they gave him more blood, hoping that would work, but it did not and his blood count was still dropping, so the following day we took him back to his regular vet and made the hard decision to put him to sleep as we couldn't see him suffer any more.
I knew something was wrong with him the first day we took him to vet as this was a dog that would rather be outside then in the house and he did not want to go outside at all.
This was so unexpected, one day he was fine, the next he was so sick.
He was only 10 years old and had so much energy and was always ready to play, he was such a happy dog. We just lost our other one not even a year ago and we were so not ready to say good-bye to this one. We thought we would have him for another 5 years or so.
I've been crying for over 2 weeks now as it started when we saw that he wasn't getting any better and it just comes on whenever now. I miss this guy so much and it will be a long time before the hurt and anger goes away.
Good-bye Kasper, we will see you again. Have fun playing with Shadow & Hunter.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Snowman Pillow

Another project that I had put off finishing for months. I have another one to finish but I ran out of stuffing so I need to pick some of that up first.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Treasures

Some new treasures I got from Ebay. A spoon made to look old, it's really heavy too, love it.
3 little candle holders with candle stubs. So cute. Not I'm off to find homes for these guys.