Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Have a safe and Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Sampler

A new sampler that I finally got finished and hung up. I stitched the whole thing and then I painted the inside of the house.

There is where I hung it, this is in my little hallway right before you walk into my bedrooms. The picture I bought in New Hampshire this past summer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great giveaway

Another great giveaway, this time at Simple-needs

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just a little thing I redid over the weekend. I forgot to take a before picture but it was just plain wood. Did a base coat of black, then red and then sanded it down. Looking for a star to cover up the heart.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New giveaway

Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch
is having a giveaway to celebrate her daughter's birthday and this is the great prize that one lucky winner will get!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok, this is the last room on the tour, my bedroom. The quilt set, the pillow and the rug hanging above the bed were all purchased from ebay. The cat is fake, dh bought him for me years ago.
A barn star that I only paid $20.00 for, it's a huge one too.
The top of dh's dresser. The light I put together myself, just two shaker boxes one of top of the other and the light sits inside the top one and then add some pip berries.
The top of my dresser, just a few family pictures, candle holder and a plant inside a Willliamsburg pottery piece. The painting I bought off ebay a long time ago.
Bought this off ebay also, I certainly need different items to put in here, but this is all I have at this time. I did have this on my kitchen counter but it took up too much space.
A shelf that I re-did, this matches the one in my kitchen exactly except this one is bigger. I would like other stuff for this self as well but again have to use what I have. The sampler underneath is not hung crooked, it's just the angle I took the picture. I'm not sure I like the sampler there, but I have moved that poor thing all over the bedroom and this is where it's staying for
My spinning wheel and 20 gallon crock that were purchased at auctions. I use the crock to put dirty laundry in as you can see a pair of pants sticking thought I push them all the way Hope you enjoyed the tour of my house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Chimney cabinet that I got off ebay last year. Used to have this in my laundry room but I moved it into the bathroom and it now holds my towels, etc. The sheep I bought at a yard sale last year for $3.00, the cabinet on top came from a yard sale also and I painted it and added the star. The shaker boxes also came from a yard sale and I redid them.
The shelf came from ebay (can you see I'm addicted as well as the little sheep inside it. Then I added an old bottle with some berries in it and a candle on top. The Williamsburg pottery piece was the very first piece I bought while in New Hamsphire a few years back. Still my favorite one too.
A sampler I did and the crow holder came from a yard sale this summer.
Top of my medicine cabinet. Can change out the box as the season change.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Laundry Room

We are now in the laundry room. This is the tray I recently re-did, I just added some candy corn to the bowl for Fall. This sits on top of my washer.
This is my favorite arrangement in the whole house so far, I love the way it came out. Please excuse the power cord hanging down the wall..why they put outlets that far up on the wall in old houses I don't know. Yes, that is my pc you see in the bottom of the picture.
Arrangement in the other corner of the room. My butter churn that I re-did, my ironing board and an old crate. Like how this came out also.
Next to my washer & dryer. I use the cabinet to store my laundry soap and dryer sheets. The picture I got in New Hampshire this summer.
Country style shelf. I like the color and the distress treatment, I just don't like the country heart..need to get something to cover it up. Two Williamsburg pottery pieces and a rabbit holding a pumpkin. Would like a prim doll for here instead of the rabbit, oh well.

Have a great day

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, sorry I'm a day late, spent yesterday doing small jobs around the house and time just got away from me. So, onto the kitchen...the above picture as I'm sure you can is my table all ready for Fall. I just put a ceramic pumpkin in a bowl and added a pip berry wreath.
This is my counter top at the moment..this is the area that I really need to buy other stuff for. I like the shredder and the jars on there, but everything else can go when I find new stuff. I would like some small crocks, etc. for this area, but I have to use what I have at the moment. I also plan on replacing these counter tops and adding beadboard back splash in the future.
My bowl rack, it still needs a prim towel hanging from it, but I don't have an extra one.
Above my sink. The light I bought from Factory Direct Crafts, they have lots of prim items for really good prices.
One side of the cabinet above the sink. Looking to replace the star with something more prim eventually.
The other side of the cabinets above the sink.
Shelf that I need to make-over, will probably paint it red. Can you see the little ghost peeking out from beneath the tree?? I sent away for him and his little friends when I was a teenager and I'm amazed that I still have them, don't have much from when I was growing up.
My quilt ladder that dh made me years ago and my shaker boxes. Do you think I should paint the ladder???
My china hutch, nothing fancy. Would love a new prim one, but until that happens I have to use this one. This is on my list of items to make-over. Planning on painting this red with the inside being tan. I'm also working on filling it with Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes, one piece at a time.
Candle box I redid and a Fall sampler I did last year.

This is above my stove as you can see. I'm not sure I like this arrangement though. I would prefer to have the tin barn stars and use these heavy cast iron ones somewhere else, but I don't have any. What do you all think of this area?
That concludes my poor wanna be prim kitchen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More of the Make-Over

More of my make-over. This is the mantle that I bought at a yard sale this summer, I still haven't refinished it yet, but I told dh to bring in it in the house anyway. I couldn't hang the picture in the middle as underneath the yellow box on the wall is the thermostat control, so I had to work around that. I kept the mantle simple for fall, just a few pumpkins and some berries. After the Holidays are over I don't know what I will do to the top of the mantle as I have nothing left over to put on
Just a little arrangement in the corner. This room is supposed to be a dining room but we don't use it for that. It is now a family/pc room.
Right at the bottom of the stairs. The lamp needs to find a new place, have moved it all around and still haven't found a place yet.
Shelf with some spools, a picture, some pumpkins, candles and a longaberger basket that I got for free.
This table used to be just plain wood and I painted it black awhile back. Need to find a way to cover up the hearts on the sides and front. They remind me of my country decor days..trying to go more prim...will take me awhile though

My quilt cabinet. This was my Grandmother's at one time. Needs something on the door and something for the top shelf after the holidays. Tomorrow I will show you pictures of my kitchen..needs lots of help in the prim department.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Total make-over

Well we are just about done with the bedroom remodel and the dust that had taken over my house for 2 months is finally gone, so since everything needed to be cleaned anyway I took everything off the walls and started over with how they were put back up. I have come to realize though that I certainly need more Prim stuff, and I don't have enough stuff to fill every space or wall but I will work on that after the holidays are over. Please forgive the pictures, my flash is not working and they came out a little dark but I think you can still see them.
The above picture is a little arrangement between my tv and quilt cabinet, I think it needs something above it and maybe another sampler or two, but I like how it turned out.
The table next to my sofa and love seat. I put out my Halloween/ Fall stuff right away also so you will see that throughout the pictures, what little I My living room certainly needs more stuff on the walls, but I tried to space out what I do have throughout the house.
A candle box I bought off ebay awhile ago, I added the light and berries. This is above the table from previous picture. Love how this came out.
Shelf above couch, this is one of two things that did not get moved. I like this shelf there so I left it alone, just put some new stuff on it.
A full view of my couch area...needs more items on the wall behind couch and some new prim pillows. If anyone has any suggestions on what else to hang up or place around in any area, please let me know. Will be back tomorrow with more.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tray Makeover

This is a tray that I've had for years that my Mom painted the flag on it for me. I have been seeing on other blogs all these great looking trays that people are using, so I thought I would give this a makeover.
I painted it black and then dry brushed on some mustard yellow and then sanded it down lightly to let some of the blue show through. The above picture is how I decorated it for now. It is on the top of my washer. This is a pretty big tray and I am now on the lookout for a smaller one for my kitchen table. Please excuse the next I was arranging this tray dh came in and said he has the perfect thing to add to the arrangement..
I don't think so dear!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adoption update

We got a call from the adoption agency 2 weeks ago and she told us that we have moved up to #2 on the list. We still have no idea how long the wait will be, could be a short wait or still a long time. Even after waiting all this time I still am not ready, we are finally almost done with the baby's rooms as far as the remodeling, but we still need to put down carpet in there. Still need to go out and buy a crib, etc. I want to try cloth diapers and I have yet even begun to make any. It is hard as we don't know how old the baby will be when he comes home, so I have no idea what size diapers to make or even what size clothes to buy. I have been buying bigger size clothes that would be good for any time of the year, but really don't have that much. So not, but so ready to hold my precious bundle in my arms!