Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New ebay win

My newset ebay win, now I just have to find some small wooden plates or bowls to go in it.


Barb said...

Cute, Debbi! Lucky!! I'm making a homemade bowl holder out of a small country shelf I've had laying around. I just lopped off the piece of wood with the country heart cutout, painted it black, and turned it upside down. I'm waiting for the paint to dry right now. Hope it turns out, because it's FREE!!

Hooray! Spring-type weather has finally come to our area and makes me feel like doing crafty things:) I've been in such a slump.

Kindra said...

Great ebay win! Can't wait to see what you put in it.

Looks like you are finding bargains yourself at garages sales! I love this time of year!

Heather Graves said...

How about some Candles? i think it would look cute!

Debbi said...

Barb, can't wait to see how it turned, free is the best!
Spring has finally come here too and I need to get some yard work done and my veggie garden planted but I'm too lazy..lol

Kendra, thank you, I can't wait to hit some yard sales.

Heather, I never thought of candles, think I will have to try that on one of the shelves.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I guess bard doesn't have a blog...darn.LOL I love the shelf you won so neat!


Debbi said...

No Barb doesn't have a blog, I keep telling her needs to start one..but she does have a webshots page with pictures of her home and all the great things she made.


Barb said...

Well, Debbi, I finished and hung that bowl rack. It's pretty little, but my bowls are little too. It's not anything like your super-cool one you won on eBay. I ended up putting a mustard color over the black, because it seemed I have too much black stuff (gasp! did I just say that?). :() It's on my Webshots.