Friday, July 18, 2008

Saltbox House

We have a lot of junk pieces of wood left over from a home improvement project, so I've been looking through them for pieces that I can make into things and the one above was perfect for a saltbox house. I only had to trim it down a little. Needs a little more sanding, I have to get heavier sandpaper, only have really fine stuff and it did not work to good.
These names blocks are all over ebay and etsy right now, but if I can make them myself for nothing instead of paying $10.00 or more for them, why not. They too need more sanding. (Yes, my name is actually spelled with an e on the end, but I like it without, so I use that sometimes)


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

So cute!!


Melinda said...

I wish I could draw/paint. I couldn't write straight enough to make those. ha.

Very cute!

Barb said...

Everything looks great, Debbi! My whole life, too, my name has been Barbie (with an "e" at the end), but I changed it to Barbi as I got older:)