Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Here

Hello everyone, just dropping in to say hi. I'm still here, just been busy with everyday life, work, bills, cleaning, doing taxes, etc. I do have some things that I started but they just keep getting pushed to the side to get the other things done. Hope to get them done soon so they are out of the way. It is cold here weather wise and we have gotten lots of snow, but that is normal for this area. It could be snowing here and 5 minutes down the road, nothing. Wishing for Spring to get here...brrr!! I hate winter. Still checking out all of your blogs though and you ladies have some great ideas that I've saving to do,,like I need more
The picture is of my dog Kasper enjoy Christmas..stay safe and warm.


Kath said...

Hi Debbi-I sure do hear ya about being tired of winter...I want SPRING too :)
Cute pic of Kasper...does he open his own gifts?
Ours do-very fun to watch them....

Have a wonderful day

Debbi said...

No, he doesn't but our other dog that we had to put to sleep last April did, he loved getting gifts.

CozyCoops Corner said...

Hi Debbi,
I think I'm ready for Spring too ! Love the picture of your dog ! Have a good day !
Janae :-)

Back in the Day said...

I am ready for Spring to come and FAST! I am suffering from the winter blues bad!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a cute doggy! Looks like he had a great Christmas!

And I hear ya about staying busy will real life. Me too.

Hang in there!

Carmen said...

Kasper is so handsome in the midst of all the wrappings, my dog is the same way, she waits ALL YEAR for christmas morning, lol! Love your prim bunny, too!

Sharon said...

Hi Debbi, I think spring fever is hitting everyone, making all of us get a little more busy around our homes.

Your little dog is adorable :)

Have a blessed evening,