Monday, June 25, 2007

Bad weekend

Well the bedroom is not done as we had a set back in there this weekend. We had to build an entire frame on the one wall as it set back to far in from all the other walls. We did not realize this until we went to put the drywall up on it. So that took half the day on Saturday. We did manage to get a few more pieces of drywall up but not all of it like we were hoping for.

The frame work that we had to build, it takes forever to measure and cut all those small pieces of wood.
A finished wall..WooHoo!!!

I put some different things on this shelf over the weekend, what do you think? Better now?
Some baseballs that I painted. I seen this idea on some prim decorating forum and decided to try some. I"m sorry, I can't remember where I seen them, wish I could so I could give credit to the person who came up with this idea. These are out on my front porch with some of the americana ornies that I did.

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