Friday, June 22, 2007

Fab Friday

Finally we have power back in the bedroom, the electrican came yesterday at 8:00 am and he was here till 8:30 pm hooking everything up. They had a hard time getting the wires down through the walls. We have gotten the entire ceiling up and a few pieces on the walls. The ceiling fixture is up and running, looks good. It is still slow going as we work different shifts and only get to do this project on the weekends, we are hoping to get all the walls done this weekend.

Here is a free bag that I got from Energizer just for buying batteries. It can either be used as a carry bag or a backpack. It is a pretty good size too.
Here is a picture of my 1st and 2nd attempt at some samplers. I like the way the angels one came out but I'm not happy with the red, white & blue one as the white did not come out good. I will probably rip that out and redo it. I still need to get some frames for them.

Last but not least is a new mini garden flag that I won from ebay. Isn't he cute?

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