Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I got these coupons in the mail yesterday. I did a survey online awhile back and this is what they sent me. 12 coupons for free pasta and 12 coupons for free sauce. I will certainly post a picture of all the free items when I get them. Love free stuff.

If I don't have enough going on with the bedroom remodel, I've taken on another project! I am repainting my laundry room cabinets, they just needed a fresh coat of paint. I will also do my kitchen cabinets while I'm at it. Need to get some of the small projects done before the home visit, like painting, adding some molding, etc. The bedroom is coming along, we now have 3 walls done and the plumber is coming tonight to hook the heater back up for us. We should be able to plaster the walls by this weekend.

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