Monday, January 14, 2008

Corners of my Home

Here are a few pictures of my bedroom. The first one is a soda crate hung on the wall, inside is a rabbit holding a little flag pillow and my marriage sampler that I made.

Top of my tv cabinet, just a strand of pip berries, a big black basket and a candle holder that I bought in New Hamsphire.

I took the Williamsburg pottery pieces that were on the shelf and put them in my china cabinet in the kitchen, so I just threw the sheep on the shelf for now. I know I need something else as it looks funny that there is a sheep and bowl on top and bottom of the shelf.

Bowl full of americana hearts that I made on dh's dresser.


Barb said...

I love your candle holder on top of your armoire.

Do you have a little pipberry wreath? You could try to tack it to the middle of your cream shelf.

Debbi said...

No Barb, I don't have nay wreaths. I like the way the bottom of the shelf looks, just need to replace the sheep on the top. He actually gets hung on my tv cabinet door.

Rosemary said...

Can I ask what kind of thread you used on your marriage sampler?

I am in the process of trying to put a sampler together and I need advice on thread.

Heather Graves said...

Looks very nice and comfy!

Stephanie said...

Hello there ~
Im new to your blog, but will be coming back soon ! I love the berries and basket you have on top of your armoire. I have one too and need something up there. Thank you for the great idea :)

Debbi said...

Stephanie, welcome to my little blog, so glad you found it. I did a quick look at yours and saved it to check it out better when I ave more time, but it looks great from what I seen of it.

Genny said...

Love all your goodies. I especially love the colors of your walls is that a blue or gray color? VERY NICE!

Debbi said...

Genny, it's actually a light green color.