Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope you all have a Happy & Healthy New Year. We did not do anything last night except stay home and watch the ball drop. Now that the holidays are over I hope to get back to crafting and getting some stuff done. I will be working on some things that I have cut out but haven't found the time to finish until today. So hopefully later today or tomorrow I can finally show you all something again. Took all the holiday decorations down last week so that is done and over with and the house looks empty once again. It is snowing outside again today, another 2 to 4 inches for today on top of the 2 inches we got yesterday. I am so ready for summer, give me 80 degree weather any day. Have a Happy New Year everyone, make it a good one.


Barb said...

Happy new year, Debbi! 2008 is going to be great:)

I still have to take everything down, but I didn't decorate a lot this year, so it won't be too bad. I'm looking forward to doing some crafting too, once the kids are back in school and my husband is done with his vacation--can't get anything done with them around:()

Tiff said...

Hi Debbi,
I just found your blog and I enjoyed looking at pics of your home. And love your crafts! I saw that you like the Christmas Tree Shop, I've given mine up(clutter addiction,lol). Are you in Maine? We are getting snow too, in fact a ton of it today.
Take care and Happy New Year!

Debbi said...

Barb, I know what you mean about getting nothing done when they are home, it is the same way here.

Tiff, welcome to my blog, I am in Pennsylvania. I've only just found the Christmas Tree Shop and been then once but I'm ready to go again..lol