Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roadside treasures

My Mom found a box full of treasures that someone had put out for garbage, so she brought it up for me, as she doesn't have much room for anything else in her house. Whoever threw these things away must have had an Americana theme and got tired of it, because everything has red, white & blue on it. There were only 2 items that I did not keep, a picture that I wasn't crazy about and a box with a rooster on it.

This star had a bunch of red & white flowers and an americana ribbon on it. I took them off and will use this out in my flower garden this summer.

A little basket that now resides in my bedroom with some ivy in it.

Cute little rocker.

An Americana shelf, there are wrought iron stars on the sides which are hard to see in this photo, haven't found a place to hang this yet.

There are still more items that were in the box and I will post some more tomorrow.


Barb said...

I can't believe somebody would throw those things away. At least donate them to Goodwill or something. Oh, well, your gain!! How big is the box? Are you going to paint over it? Is the picture frame intact? How fun for you to get those treasures. Remember, don't throw any of it away; just try to look at it in a different color or upside down:)

Heather Graves said...

What did the box/Rooster look like? What a Fab. Find :)

Shara said...

What fun finds. Love the little rocker. I have a mini chair collection. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway. I already had your blog in my favorites, so it was nice of you to stop by mine! Good Luck!

Debbi said...

Barb, the picture was in good shape but it just wasn't my style. My sister has an americana theme in her one bathroom so maybe she will take it. I will post a picture of the box w/ the rooster tomorrow, he is done in red, white & blue...it's just a little box..well more like a crate cause it has slats on it. You guys can give me some ideas when I post the picture.

Barb said...

How about paint the box like you did the milk can and do the big star on it--either black with a mustard star or mustard with a black star.

Stephanie said...

No fair ! Thats what Im decorating my bedroom in and have been having the hardest time finding anything. I need to wait till summer I guess and start garage saling !
Lucky you :)