Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Won another giveaway

I won this great giveaway from over at Birthday Cake for Breakfast
and I got them in the mail yesterday. They are made out of paper and they are so adorable. I also got 2 Yankee Candle tarts and they smell heavenly, one is pumpkin pie and the other is autumn leaf, I love that scent. Even though I put my Christmas stuff out yesterday I am going to leave these ladies out for awhile so I can enjoy them for a little while.
Vacation is going by so fast, it is Tuesday already, 5 days down..boohoo. Today I will work on my big tree and the outside decorations. Then I want to get some patterns cut out. Have a great day everyone.


Janene said...

Another giveaway! You lucky, lucky girl!
Congratulations~They are lovely!
It's hard to go back after a fun vacation~Enjoy what's left!

Char said...

wow! I don't win anything...so what's the secret?!!!....hehehehehehehe...congrats!

Kath said...

Hey-rub some of that "good luck" off on me :)

Very nice giveaway...Congrats!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Congrats! Those are so cute! How creative of the person who made them!