Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bedroom is Done!

WooHoo, the bedroom remodel is complete. Just have to do some touch-up of paint and put the molding up around the windows yet. Now comes the fun part, I get to decorate
I am now looking for another quilt as I'm not happy with the way the one we have now looks with the new paint color. It took me months to find that one, so that is not going to be any fun, looking for a new one.

This is the tv cabinet. This would never fit in this room before, but now that we took the closet out there is so much more room.

The bed with the quilt that I will have to replace.

I got this 20 gallon crock at an auction for $40.00. I use it to put dirty clothes in. lol

This is my older dog, Shadow (believe me the name fits him perfectly) enjoying the new carpet and the ac, it was so hot yesterday that the dogs stayed in the bedroom in the air all day long.. poor guys.

Now comes the major clean up of the entire house today. It is a lot cooler and looks like it is going to rain so it will be easier to deal with today.

Our home visit with the adoption agency is on Friday so we have 2 more days to get this house in order.

Maybe tomorrow we will be able to go do something and at least enjoy one day of our vacation.

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Tracy said...

I love the remodel, it looks so pretty! We just finished remodeling our kitchen and dining room and that was a huge task but it was worth it.