Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Treasures

Well now that the bedroom is done I have time to go shopping again. Went to a community wide yard sale on Saturday but did not see anything that I wanted, so then we went to
an antique mall and I picked up 2 things there. The first is a new item, it was listed as a candle box but I am going to use it in my bathroom to hold old bars of soap. The second item is the iron stand. I have been trying to get one of these off of ebay for the longest time and kept losing the auctions so when I seen it at the antique mall I picked it up, with 20% off it was only $23.00. I put some of my crocks on it as that is all I have at the moment, but I like them there so they may just stay. I can't get the pip berry to look right in the bottom crock but I got so aggravated I just gave up and left them like that.

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