Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Pumpkins

Here is a start to some bowl filler ornies for fall/Halloween. After I sewed the pumpkins up I realized that I forgot to put the stem Also they look a little square not round like pumpkins but they will do I guess. Will have to look for another pattern. I'm not real sure I like the way the cat's face turned out, I may make some more cats and not paint them, just tea-dye them instead. That way I can stitch their faces on. I also need to grub them all up a bit yet.


Barb said...

Your pumpkins and kitties are great! That's what is so neat about primitives--anything goes. You could put the big cheshire cat grin on your kitties too. Are they made out of felt or muslin?

Debbi said...

They are made out of muslin and then I painted them.