Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well, the bedroom is coming along, we have plastered the walls and are now sanding them down. what a mess. After sanding one wall down I come out of there full of white dust from head to toe.
The laundry room cabinets got their last coat of paint this morning and are ready to be put back together tonight.

I had a major scare this past weekend, my dog Kasper ran away. We were getting ready to go away for the night and I had just taken both dogs outside before we left. I brought them back in the house and Kasper followed hubby right out the front door and neither of us seen him do this.
(Kasper never goes out that door). Luckily I went to give the dogs a treat before we left and noticed that Kasper was not in the house or we would have never known he was gone until we got home late that night. We searched the house twice and the back yard before hubby jumped in the car and I set out of foot in the back alley, hubby found him right down the road in someone's front yard. This dog is not good with strangers so I am so lucky we found him before something happened or he got hit by a car.
I was yelling at him and hugging him at the same time. He scared me so bad...bad doggy.

This is the bad doggy..Kasper. He is safe and sound sleeping upstairs.

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