Monday, August 13, 2007

Bathroom redmodel

Here is some before & after shots of our bathroom remodel that we did last year. We completely redid it and everything in there is brand new.(I am the pictures are so small, I can't get them to go any bigger.)


Barb said...

Lucky!! Your bathroom looks great! I'd love to have ours remodeled. It's really tiny, but it's the only bathroom in the house. If we did, everything would have to be well coordinated and thought out--fat chance ha ha

Debbi said...

This is our main bathroom also and it's small too. We do have another bathroom in the basement, but it's not in a separate room..just right out in the open...hmmm..ok...this is an old coal mining town so there are lots of houses with bathrooms int eh basements so the guys did not track all the dirt through the house..they would shower down in the basement before coming upstairs.