Monday, August 27, 2007

New tv cabinet and dumpster find

This is my new tv cabinet that we got over the weekend. No one had any black cabinets that I liked and we both liked this one so we got it. No more tv on the floor. It holds all the stereo equipment in the bottom part with the glass doors (which I can see the wires in the picture..have to fix them) and the vcr/dvd player is in the open part. The doors have pull out trays to hold dvd's or cd's, plus storage on the bottom. Of course I had to add the pip berries to prim it up a little...still looking for something to put next to the vcr/dvd player.

The chair we got out of the dumpster at the store that we bought the tv cabinet from. Did not see it till we got home, but there is a crack in the seat part, but with my chair pad on it. you can't even see it. It is now my new computer chair.


Barb said...

Great find on the chair, Debbi! I love your t.v. cabinet. By the way, I thought the cords looked like one of those willow trees you can get for decorating--fooled me:)

Debbi said...

lol, I went back and looked at the picture and you are right, the cords do look like that.