Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I bought this off Ebay a long time ago and just never got around to hanging it up, I am looking for other bowls to put in it but for now this all I had. Also looking for another sign to put underneath it.

This is my new wall arrangement, the yellow box is actually a cover for my thermostat, got that off of Ebay also. Can you tell I'm an Ebay junkie..lol

Since the new tv takes up more room height wise then the old one, I had to take down the barn star that I had hanging on the wall behind the old tv as you could not see it any more. So I decided to move stuff around and hang some stuff up that I never got around to.


Barb said...

Sure wish I had your "eye" for putting up several things together. I never could do that--I'm too anal and need symmetry:(

Debbi said...

I just put stuff up and then stand back and see if I like it, if I don't then I take it down and try something else....I'm sure I have a million nail holes in my walls...lol