Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hubby's new toy

This has nothing to do with prim decor at all or even crafting in any way but I thought I would show you the thing that my husband decided he had to have... it's a 50" wide screen do you hide this????

Our old tv was like 12 years old we really needed a new this came I have to find a stand of some kind to put it is sitting on the floor right now. (The speakers are not from the tv..they are from the stereo...can you tell hubby likes big electronic


Barb said...

At least it's black. Black goes well with primitives:)

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh sister there is no hiding those lovely TV's. I've tried, I've got one sitting in my home with a pair of matching recliners. Don't get me started on those. Hubs doesn't ask for much, so what can I say when he wants a BIG TV and a comfy chair to sit in. Saying it doesn't match my decor doesn't really cut it. On a bright note, they do have a sweet picture :)

Enjoy - karen

Debbi said...

I figure since he puts up with my prim decor and me always changing or finding some thing new..he is entitled to some things in the right they do have a sweet picture..