Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally Friday

Hi all, I'm still here, I have just not been crafting anything new as I am out of material and I haven't found a place locally to buy any as my Wal-mart has stopped selling it. Does anyone know a good place online to buy muslin and such?

Have been busy working and trying to get Christmas presents done and out of the way. About half-way there. Have vacation coming up the week after Thanksgiving so I will be putting up my Christmas decor that week as well as getting some stuff done around the house and hopefully getting the rest of the holiday shopping done.

Joined a stocking swap through the blog world and need to get stuff for that also. Working on that this weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend and I will still post with some pictures of my house and soon my Christmas stuff that I made and will still keep looking for material.


Barb said...

Hey, Debbi! I haven't bought muslin in awhile. I've gotten mine from Wal-Mart but ran out. So, now, I just use old sheets. Go to thrift stores for them and for craft supplies. I've found so many craft supplies at Goodwill and others at a fraction of the cost of new. They will usually bundle them in big packs, so you get an assortment of miscellaneous items:)

Debbi said...

The thrift stores in my area are way over priced in clothing type items, and now that they just moved to a new building I'm sure their prices have gone up. I always keep an eye out for any kind of material at yard sales though..but they are over for the year.