Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tour Continues

My Christmas home tour continues, today we are going to tour the bathroom. Enjoy

This is on the bathroom door. Bought this off of ebay last year.

The top of my medicine cabinet, the santa plate I got at an antique store in Maine and the nutcracker is part of a collection that my Mom gave to me years ago. I added the little stars to the garland and I forgot to turn the garland lights on for the picture.

Added to trees to the shelf and a santa and baby Jesus to the back of the toilet. The baby Jesus belonged to my Mom and she had it ever since I can remember, we used to have a electric train under the tree when I was growing up and my sisters and I used to fight over who got to take baby Jesus for a train ride.

Bought these 2 snowmen pictures off of ebay..I sure shop on ebay a

Last is my cabinet that got all the left over stuff that I couldn't find a place Filled the bowl with cookie cutters..they are hard to see in the picture, and added the santas and snowmen. The kissing santa couple inside the cabinet is another item that my Mom had ever since we were little, they went on lots of train rides also. That ends the tour for today, hope you enjoyed it.


Barb said...

Everything looks great, Debbi! Your story of giving baby Jesus a ride is funny. We used to do stuff like that too. My mom used to have a St. Francis statue that wore a bubble-type crown and cape. We robbed him of them for our Barbie dolls so we could have a Miss America pageant:)

Debbi said...

lol, the things we did as kids to amuse ourselves.

Barb said...

Yes, gone are the days when kids abused religious icons--ha ha.

I've just started decorating here and there--just can't seem to get into it. I put a couple of pictures of the "very few" things I've done on my Webshots under Misc. Christmas.

*Linnie* said...

Hi! Found your blog over at Country glad I did. Loved looking through your pics. Beautiful house...especially love the bathroom. The pedestal sink and the beadboard...beautiful!!!

Debbi said...

Welcome Linni,
I'm glad you like my little blog, I enjoy doing it. We love the way the bathroom turned out, it was a lot of hard but certainly worth it.

Barb, I checked out your pics, love need to start your own blog.