Saturday, November 3, 2007

Framed..part 2

A few more samplers that got frames


Barb said...

They look so great, Debbi! Are you going to give them as gifts or start a collection on your wall? Good job!!

Debbi said...

The one with the saltbox house is for my Mom, the rest are for me to hang on my walls. Will probably make some more for gifts or to sell after taking a little break from them.

Peggy said...

you are so talented! my email is

Andrea said...

Love the stitcheries. I've never framed any before, but I think it makes them look great! I wish I could make my own frames and make them look old. Might have to check with my hubby sometime and see if he could make some. I'd like to be able to hang up some stitcheries.


Annie said...

Debbi, You samplers are so nice, you did a great job! and I like your fall decorations!
Happy Autumn,