Friday, December 28, 2007

New banner again

Hi everyone, I'm still here, still recovering from my cold, it just seems to keep hanging on but getting better everyday. Haven't been doing any crafts lately as all I have left to make is some more Christmas items and I'm not in the mood to make them. Slowly taking my Christmas stuff down, all of it will be down by New years Day though.
Changed my banner and it looks more prim then the other one so that's good. Hope you all have a good weekend and find some good deals at the stores as that's what I will be doing.


Barb said...

Cool banner, Debbi! That gives me an idea of what to do with an old chair that's out in our garage:)

Sherry said...

Love your new banner. I started early this morning & took down & put away all Christmas decorations. Sort of glad to get it all put away, that was a lot of work, didn't realize how much I had until I worked for hours putting things away. Have a great week-end!