Sunday, December 2, 2007

Living room tour

The rest of my living/family room pictures. I am having problems with my tree pictures, they keep disappearing so I will try them again tomorrow, hopefully they will load then.
This wreath is on my front door, another ebay purchase. I'm an ebay

This is hanging on my bedroom door at the top of my staircase, some of the snowflakes have lights in them and they light up. I usually don't turn it on though as it goes through batteries like crazy. The top wire part with the spirals is to hold cards but I don't use it for that. Another ebay purchase for $1.00, plus shipping.

The next 3 santa pictures I bought at the local thrift store for $2 or $3 a piece, can't remember which. The are on the wall going up the staircase. Could not get them all in one picture.

This picture and the next are the reminder of my nutcracker collection. They go on the steps every year. I'm surprised they have never gotten knocked off by dh or the dogs.

Another tree and a cute wnyter picture from ebay again. I am working on some ornies for this tree.

The top of dh computer desk. Don't mind the mess on the shelves, I clean it and he makes a mess soon after.
I will try my pictures of the tree again tomorrow and I will get some outside pictures tonight when the lights are on.


Barb said...

Wow, Debbi, everything looks so good! You got a great deal on those Santa prints--those are really cool. Don't you love it when you can find such great stuff and get it for so little money?o)

Debbi said...

I love finding great deals & bargains. This is the first year I put them all on the same wall and they look really good together