Sunday, December 16, 2007

seasons samplers

Just got these little season samplers done, for being small they sure took awhile. Not sure what I will make out of them yet but they sure are cute. I haven't been doing too much crafting this week, been busy working and getting ready for Christmas. Finished my shopping yesterday and now I need to get ready for my family gathering next weekend. Looking forward to Christmas being over, I love the decorating part but that's it. I hate every thing else about it, buying presents, crowded stores, crabby people. etc. At least it's only once a year.


Barb said...

Those are great, Debbi! They would be cute just framed in distressed black frames and grouped together:)

I've done most of my shopping on line--don't want to brave the crowds. Now, I just hope everything shows up in the mail before Christmas:[]

It's terrible . . . I'm already thinking about Easter crafts!

Debbi said...

I just noticed that I never finished the winter one, I need to finish the stitches around the in such a hurry to get these done.