Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New treasures

My newest treasures from last week. Some were bought at the new store we went to check out called The Christmas Tree Store, they do not sell just Christmas stuff. It is kind of like a Big Lots or Odd Lots store, they have some really good deals there and I cerainly will be going there more often.

Got these wooden bowls at The Christmas Tree Store. The are big bowls that measure 12 inches round and I only paid $2.99 for each of them. I am going to paint over the snowman in the inside. On the way home I got so mad at myself, for that price I should have bought all that they had and I could have resold them on ebay for much more then $3.00..oh well..

These hand soaps are just like the kind that you can buy at Bath & Body, but they are bigger and only cost $1.00. Much cheaper then Bath & Body which in my opinion is way over priced.

This guy was only $2.99 also, he had an accident on the way home. His arm got broken but it is still hanging on. He is made of paper mache.

This handmade reindeer I got at an antique store near my home. It's set up like a big indoor flea market with lots of booth, every booth is a different seller, but they have employees who work there not the sellers. Most of the stuff is old so they consider it an antique store. Paid $7.00 for this guy and he is huge, a great deal I think and they did a great job on this guy.

Got this toolbox at the same antique store for $16.00, another great deal as this is a huge one. Seen others at the same store which were smaller and cost more. Have to find something to put in it now.


Barb said...

Wow, did you ever get the deals. That price you got on those bowls is incredible. I'd repaint them drab prim colors and grunge them up:) The paper mache snowman is cool. I "love, love, love" that reindeer. I've wanted to make one but haven't seen a pattern that I've liked, but that one is what I'd like to make:) You're so lucky to have a Christmas Tree Store. They're only located in the East, and I live in the northern part of the Midwest:(

Debbi said...

Yeah the bowls were a great deal. I have already repainted one, need to buy more paint to do the other ones.

This was my first time at The Christmas Tree Store and I loved it. It is about an hour away from my house but certainly a store I will be visiting more often. They just recently opened up in this area and this is the first one, I hope they come closer to me.