Saturday, December 1, 2007

More of my home

This is my living/family room decorated for Christmas.

Here is the snowman angel that I made.

Bought this snowman garland from ebay last year, it's cute.

Hubby bought this Santa years ago and I always have a hard time finding a place for him as he is not hand does move back & forth but I never plug him in. Underneath in the bowl is some more snowman I made a few years ago.

Bought this guy from ebay also, he hangs on my basement door.

This is one of my trees, the bells that I painted will go on this tree. Underneath is a prim santa my Mom found at a yard sale, and the reindeer I just got today and will show you a better picture after the tour is over.

This is my quilt cabinet, it used to belong to my Grandmother and my Mom had her salt & pepper shaker collection in it for years as we were growing up. On the top is a snowman that my Mom made for me and inside on the shelf is the prim snowman that I just finished. The wooden toolbox I also just purchased today and I'm looking for something to put in it, used what I have for now. It looks like a baby puke color, but is actually more of a mustard yellow. Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the Christmas pictures including my big tree.

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Barb said...

Everything looks great! I love your reindeer and your toolbox:)