Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day and you got everything you asked Santa for. I am fighting a nasty cold so have been doing nothing but staying warm and resting. My family party was nice, we all had a good time just being together.
Happy Holidays to you all.

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Barb said...

Merry Christmas, Debbi! I SURVIVED hosting Christmas day this year--yay! I was so pooped. Everyone stayed late and had a great time. I finally got to use my Christmas dishes I bought at Target several years ago. The thing I feared the most turned out the greatest--the turkey. Those Reynolds cooking bags have to be the greatest invention in the world (we usually deep fry our turkeys, but my mil wanted one baked in the oven, so I was nervous about it turning out).

Hope you're feeling better so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season. It's snowing hard here at my house today. Good thing I don't have anywhere to go:)